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What is the proper amount to tip at the nail salon for a fill, pedicure and/or eyebrow waxing?

I never know what to tip or if I'm over tipping or under. I like to give people what they deserve when I'm pleased with the work.What is the proper amount to tip at the nail salon for a fill, pedicure and/or eyebrow waxing?
I think 10%-15% is expected.... but if it is a really good job I would tip 20%

Probably just follow the same rules you would for eating out. :-)What is the proper amount to tip at the nail salon for a fill, pedicure and/or eyebrow waxing?
It's about 20% of the total bill, like in a restaurant, I think.
I don't think there is any such thing as over tipping. They work really hard, and most people don't tip in salons. They just assume that they get paid enough and tipping is not necessary. Tipping is a courtesy, but it should be done. For nails, I always tip at least $5.00...if they do a lot of work, such as airbrush, then I tip more. For hair services, I tip $5.00...and for....actually, you know what...never tip less than $5.00...good rule of thumb. They will appreciate it and when you go back to them, they will remember, and sometimes they may even do a little extra out of the kindness of their heart because of what you did.

My husband and I went to a restaurant once and ordered a beer each. The bill was less than $6...he left a $10...the waitress looked like she was going to fall over. Which tells me that people don't generally tip well. Imagine what it feels like to work really really hard and then someone leaves you a dollar. Put yourself in their place--that way you will never leave too little. Think of what you would appreciate if you were doing the servicing.
A proper tip is 15% of the price, but for all of those non-Mathmaticians out there I would just count on about $1-3. depending on how good of a job they did.
My girlfriends gets good service and tips 20% of the total, every time. Consequently, she always gets the same girl to do her nails and gets a quality job done every time.

Hope this helps!
If the procedures were done well and the person performing the service was friendly, I tip 30%. However, if the person was rude--i.e. answered cell phone in middle of service, demanded to know what color I want, etc.--I tip 15%.
i just always say, start at 2 dollars. depending on friendliness, how it looks, the price you pay for the service, and if they give you a freebie(if there really nice and wax the extra little area on your lip, just an exaple) for free, than you just add a sufficient amount. if they are bad, just take away a dollar. dont be afraid not to tip, its okay.
With tipping, I usually begin at 15% for so so service and work my way up. If you have been spectacular, you may get as much as 50%.

Now, the way I see it is this: If you are going to be a regular customer you should want to be served by the same person each time, this way you can build a sort of relationship. They know what you want, and how you expect it. And eventually you will probably get little freebies out of the deal. If you tip well, that waitress/hairdresser/nail tech is going to make sure they give you the best possible service every time they see you.

Also, you have to consider than in a salon, 2.00 wouldn't begin to cover the minimum 15% tip. Most services in a salon cost far more than 15.00. At a 15.00 bill, 15% would be 2.25. What do you have done in a salon for 15.00 other than waxing your eyebrows? My hair stylist always gets a min. of $20.00 from me. She's awesome, she always knows just how I want my hair and provides AWESOME service.

These people really don't make a lot of money without tips. And so many people out there are far too stingy when it comes to tipping. Imagine working for 1/2 minimum wage (which is what most waitresses/waiters make), and having to depend on tips - giving great service, and only getting tipped 10% of a 25.00 meal....
A pedicure is about 20-30 dollars, a fill is about 5-15 dollars, and a eyebrow waxing is about 5-10 dollars so together I would say 10-15 and if you really love their service then pay extra. Under tipping is paying 2 or 3 dollars. Over tipping is more than you would pay for a pedicure.

Hope this helps,

I tip 15%, but remember if it is the owner of the salon that is doing the service, you don't have to tip them.

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