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What does the nail salon soak your feet in when they do a pedicure?

how do you do a pedicureWhat does the nail salon soak your feet in when they do a pedicure?
They will soak your feet because it softens up the skin, cuticles and nails.What does the nail salon soak your feet in when they do a pedicure?
well they soak ur feet and masage to make it feel good and soften the skin and to do a pedicure pretty much just soak ur feet adn but on nice nail polish
They usually soak you in a sea salt aromatherapy mixture. It's to soften your skin and clean your feet before they work on them. Different salons do pedicures in different ways. If you're interested in getting one I would call a few salons and ask about their pedicures. Most salons have a broochure you could get also. You should also make sure they are a licensed salon and a licensed operator if your state requires that. Reputable salons should be able to show you theit licenses. Not all states require this though. I do nails in a state (PA) which requires licensing so you know you're getting a qualified technician and also cleanliness is usually better. The salon should be clean as well as the footbath because you can catch certain things from dirty footbaths.
You soak your feet in salt water hun. I am a pedicurist. If you want full details, then e-mail me. Hope ya choose me for the best answer :)
I don't think this was a ';why'; question...HAHAH

I used to work at sally's beauty supplies and they have this's these salts an powder and you can put them/let desolve in a manicure tub. And the good thing is that they have all sorts of scents. Aromatherapheutic!! Sorry but i fogot the name f the product. but if you go to sally's ask them they should know. Or go into the nail section. Everyhting should be in order.

And you want to know how do you do a pedicure?

Before starting your pedicure, collect some pillows, a chair, and a stool to rest your feet on. You'll need an area that somewhat well-lit, and some relaxing music will set the mood. hahahaha Make sure that your pillows are not shedding fluff, because that may stick to polish. Now gather a nail file, cuticle oil, a tub or warm water, nail polish, a hair dryer and a towel. Take all old nail polish off of toenails with polish remover. Wash your feet thoroughly, then get rid of any dirt under nails with a Q-tip. You are now ready to start.

File your toenails with the nails file. Make sure that you wait after washing them to do this, so that they are hard and firm. File vigorously back and forth.

place your feet in the basin of warm water and let them soak for a small while. Avoid soaking for too long, because they may begin to look like prunes! Take them from the bath and wipe them gently with a towel. Be sure that the towel leaves no hairs on the nails, or there may tangle with the polish. Take your cuticle oil and rub it into your nails when finished. Rub firmly, and make sure that you cover the surface of each nail. Let them dry. At this time, you may want to smooth some lotion over your feet as well.

Once your nails have dried from the water and the oil, take your nail file and rub their surfaces gently. This will allow the coats of polish to stick. When you have rubbed each lightly, it's time for your first coat of nail polish. This undercoat is called base, and usually is clear or light yellow. Smooth it over nails moving from the top of the toenail to the tip. Make sure the surface of each nail is covered. Using a base coat will make your coats of color polish last longer, and avoid chipping. It also protects the nail from the abrasive effects that drying and chipping color polish can have. To dry, use your hair dryer at low heat. Then apply color, using the same, long strokes to the tip. Apply as many coats as you need, but be careful, because too many coats can actually promote chipping.

When you are finished adding color, dry nails again with the hair dryer. Then add nail gloss to the tips of each nail, for a shine. Professional pedicurists usually finish off a manicure by buffing dried nails with a buffing stick. This makes sure that all residual nail dust and dirt, etc., has been brushed away.

When you are finished your nails should have a professional, cultured look. Take care to walk carefully to avoid abrasion, and make sure to show your shiny feet to everyone that passes by!

Hope this will help you out.

Good luck.
They don't use any typical water for the job, I'm pretty sure that they use salt water. It helps soothe your skin so that it is easier to do the pedicure. Because dipping it in any type of regular water doesn't really help. The salt softens it to make it easier to get all the things on the back of your foot off. I found this info out by asking my mancurist a month or 2 ago.

Good luck!


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